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Multi-talented Purab Kohli has recently directed a touching clip for India's Republic Day with a heartwarming message inviting all Indians to be sensitive to their youngsters, who are the future of the nation.

The moving clip was filmed in a peaceful emblematic beach in Goa and features the Indian national anthem in the background, performed by the golden and subtle guitar fingers of Dhruv Ghanekar. 

Happy Republic Day, India!

Directed by: Purab H Kohli
Visuals: Pushan Kripalani
Editing: Onir.

Read our exclusive interview with Purab Kohli (2010)


Indu said...

Wow that was quick. south a simple calming, touching video. Feel like seeing it again and again.

Unknown said...

Hello Indu,

Exactly. The same feeling came upon me too. The visuals, the symbolic and the way the anthem is played... so much can be conveyed in such a short time, can't it?

I confess I am pretty much in love with the clip.

Ram said...

By the way our National Anthem Jana Gana Mana has been selected as the best by UNESCO - nice feeling
Indian Cinema

Unknown said...

Hello Ram,

Thanks for passing by and commenting. I am not sure about the UNESCO selection but the Indian anthem is indeed beautiful and I particularly love it in this clip. :-)

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