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SHAH RUKH KHAN: Living with a Superstar

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The Discovery Travel and Living channel has been broadcasting the series 'Living with a Superstar' dedicated to Bollywood hero Shah Rukh Khan for the utmost delight of his huge fan following throughout the world. The lifestyle channel followed the star during an entire year and has launched the show last February, releasing several episodes for which we provide Youtube links. (A very special thanks to the dedicated Italian Cinema Hindi team for these updates). See the 1st part of episode number 1 here as well as a list of subsequent episodes.

Discovery Travel and Living is most certainly the definitive lifestyle channel on TV. The idea of the series format is both exhilarating and unique as it showcases aspects of my life that have seldom been seen in the public domain. I look forward to welcoming you all into my life.” Shah Rukh Khan expressed when asked about the series.

Video 2
Video 3
Video 4
Video 8
Video 9
Video 10
Video 11 Part 1 of episode dedicated to 'My Name is Khan'
Video 12 Part 2 of episode dedicated to 'My Name is Khan'
Video 13
Video 14
Video 15 (in SRK's homes located in Mumbai and Dubai)
Video 16 (in SRK's homes located in Mumbai and Dubai)
Video 17 (the star introduces us to his staff)
Video 18 (the star introduces us to his staff)
Video 19 (MNIK sets)
Video 20 (MNIK sets)

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hitesh rawat said...

thank you thank you thank you....and many more.....i saw a couple of episode of this whole series....and wanted to watch the whole....but didn't get anything on it.........thanks you for posting the link.....

i'll surely watch this over the weekend....can't wait to watch it......
thanks again

Aline CineHindi said...

So happy this has been useful to you. Diana, from the Italian team is a diehard SRK fan and she provided us the links. I am sure if there are any updates she will have them really quick and we will keep posting them here. :-)

Kristine said...

Aehm... SRKs staff are Hamster? Links 17 and 18 lead to something called "Bommel"... And I don't think he works for SRK... :-)

Aline CineHindi said...

Kristine, thanks so much for pointing this out, there seems to have been a slip up. It is now fixed. The links are direct. Thanks again.

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