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HAPPY JOURNEY: Love Goes for a Spin!

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Happy Journey is one of those little gems whose scenes one likes to allow our imagination to revisit again and again... A haunting tale whose value slowly permeates the viewer's consciousness for days, weeks or years to come.

Sachin Kundalkar's film in Marathi explores the life of Niranjan (Atul Kulkarni), whose childhood is filled with a constant outpour of innocent and pure love for his newborn little sister Janaki (Priya Bapat). Time goes by and just as he is growing up and discovering the joys of his first teenage romance, Niranjan's sentimentally rich journey is brutally truncated when his parents suddenly send him off to Dubai to earn money for his family. The result is a growing feeling of abandonment that makes Niranjan a hurt and detached young man who gets easily exasperated with his family obligations. It is this angry man who comes back to his hometown when the family is faced with difficult times. Once in India, his charming sister Janaki (Priya Bapat) will take him on a fantastic trip that will ignite an inner discovery.

GOD IS A GAMER A World of Thrills

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After hitting gold with books such as Devil in Pinstripes, The Incredible Banker and I Bought the Monk's Ferrari, among many other titles who have won Ravi Subramaniam an extensive crowd of avid readers, as well as the distinction of being considered India's most successful financial thriller writer, the author is back with a new and very in-vogue financial page-turner: God is A Gamer.
"Vijay Banga, President of MasterCard International, was anxiously pacing up and down his third-floor office in the global headquarters located in Purchase, New York" With this sentence starts Subramaniam's new adventure.

JAVED AKHTAR: A Poet in Paris

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Javed Akhtar, award-winning writer and lyricist of popular Indian cinema, a staunch defender of the feminist cause and a supporter of secularism, is also one of the most captivating contemporary voices in Urdu poetry.

Javed Akhtar wrote his first poem in 1979 and published his first collection, Tarkash in 1995 ; his second collection, Lava, being published in 2012.

The poet released a bilingual collection of his poetry translated to French on November 12th in Paris. The book has been published by Janus Publishing House and is entitled D’autres Mondes (Of Other Worlds). Akhtar will be addressing students at the Sorbonne University English Language Institute later today, November 13th and will also be speaking at the Maison de la Poésie (House of Poetry) in the City of Light on 14 November at 7pm, together with Shumona Sinha, author of book Calcutta.

If you happen to be in Paris, don't miss this opportunity.

Nov 13, from 5:30pm.
Venue: Grand Amphi, Institute Anglophone, 5 , rue de l' Ecole de Medecine, 75006 Paris

Nov 14, from 7pm
157 Rue Saint-Martin, 75003 Paris

ANDAZ APNA APNA 20 Year Anniversary

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Time to revisit Crime Master Gogo and the playful equation between the legendary Amar and Prem (and their love interests) this month as Andaz Apna Apna is almost confirmed for re-release in cinemas. Director Rajkumar Santoshi and the cast are being equally called to appear in shows to promote the film again and reminisce about the cult following the film achieved, which has ended up in countless petitions to the director and actors throughout two decades to make a sequel.