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Both films pulled audiences to the ticketsale counters. Both offer solid and modern entertainment this autumn season.

Mere Brother ki Dulhan is a youthful and pacey tale of the search for the perfect modern day liberated bride, incarnated by Laila (Katrina Kaif) who lives to drink and have fun. It is utterly refreshing to see Katrina Kaif as a full-out rebel, even though her acting still requires developing her individual style more as she somehow often seems to emulate other successful actresses of yesterday and today... She is however very commendable in her role and, as a woman, I have to salute her for not being stick thin but still looking fresh and beautiful. Who wants to be size zero, I say indeed? 

The first half of the film will particularly keep the audience focused completely on this modern ladka-meets-ladki tale. Imran is the quintessential young Indian man who learns to appreciate and ends up falling head over heels for an independent and happy-go-lucky girl despite the fact he has actually found her to marry his own brother. The root of the story develops as a long vaudeville with plenty of topsy-turvy ups and downs, including out of the blue references to Chulbul Pandey, Dil Se, other Yash Raj signature films and even Madhubala. The supporting cast also contributes to lending the story its lightness. Ali Zafar tends to remind me of a young Shah Rukh Khan in almost every scene, from mannerisms to voice to comic timing! I therefore somehow do not find it surprising that Yash Raj would indeed support his style..

The second half of the film drags on in a few scenes but all this is forgivable given the good dose of entertainment, fun and seeing both Khan and Kaif together plus a pleasant soundtrack signed Sohail Sen.

Bodyguard is a story that has a different tone and Salman proves yet once again that he certainly can cater to his fan-base fantastically. 

A joke turns into a trepidating love story in which Kareena Kapoor is not only busy being majestically beautiful in every scene, but also delivers her role very well. From tears to guilt, from fear to love, her eyes convey just the right amount of feeling. 

This said, the man who steals the show is Salman Khan (Lovely Singh), allowing his voice inflexions and body language to flesh out his humble and modest character: a bodyguard  who is, yes, the usual strong nacho man who can fight the world and win, but also an honest man dedicated to his job. In several scenes, his character’s “purity” is disarming. The finesse with which he portrays his character makes him the most convincing I have seen him yet!

Bodyguard is the third remake of  a Malayalam film that goes by same name.I would recommend making a point of not missing these two entertainers, which both are bound to leave you with a pleasant smile. 

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The Bolly Hood said...

I'd go for Bodyguard... simply to see whether Salman has improved in the acting stakes! Mere Brother Ki Dulhan looks like another Imran Khan same role film.

Hey check out my blog Aline, where I poke fun at Bollywood and pay attention to those Zero Screentime Walas! (I'm sure you'll agree it's unique!)

Aline HindiCinemaBlog said...

Hello Bolly Hood!
Thanks for dropping by. :-)
I must say Salman did surprise me with his subdued act in this one.
I do not know whether Imran is consciously working at the image he wants to portray in is roles but he does come across as the perfect guy many modern Indian girls would fall for (open-minded, unconventional and sweet characters). This film is not an exception but he does a great job at it. ;-)
Thanks for inviting me to stop by your blog. Will do!

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