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The football match everyone was waiting for during Mumbai's monsoon season took place without the much feared rain and mud at the Cooperage Football Ground. Fans, family and friends came to watch stars battle it on the field with a due introduction to TIGI Foundation and the event's cause by Imran Khan and Ira Khan.

Football comments were provided by Imran Khan and Amin Hajee, keeping the crowd well informed and amused.

Hrithik Roshan joined the match midway practically dancing his way to the field. Dino Morea and Rahul Bose kept team spirits high with their enthusiastic playing while Abhishek Bachchan chose to save his energy from time to time and both goalies did a very commendable job.

Aamir Khan's red team came out victorious for the joy of his fans and family. Salman Khan graced the event causing comotion upon arriving at the venue.

May TIGI Foundation continue to receive support and funds from animal enthusiasts and may all animals soon have a haven to enjoy in the Mumbai outskirts.

See full coverage of the football match in the video below by Star Sports:

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