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AJAY DEVGN Supports Altruistic Endeavor

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This week, Mumbai Police joined hands with Ajay Devgn at the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan for a noble cause. The actor made an appearance at the Mumbai Police's celebration of Daan Utsav to provide his support to the long term project aiming to protect begging families and children in South Mumbai, thereby starting to create a beggar-free zone. The first people to benefit from this project will be women and children beggars originating from the Faase Pardhi and the Waghri tribes.

Parents/families of these children will receive the assistance of the Kherwadi Social Welfare Association and Pipal Tree Foundation, who will help rehabilitate them to find employment, which will in turn decrease the rate of children unschooling. Children will be provided with education and various opportunities thanks to several NGOs, as well as Salaam Bank Trust  and Sahaara Charitable Society.

Apart from Devgn's other charitable commitments in the past and his praise of Salman Khan's Being Human, the actor is also married to Kajol, who is highly involved as the international goodwill ambassador and patron of The Loomba Trust (who works towards the welfare of widows and their children) and brand ambassador of Pratham (a charity organization for children).

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