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GOD IS A GAMER A World of Thrills

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After hitting gold with books such as Devil in Pinstripes, The Incredible Banker and I Bought the Monk's Ferrari, among many other titles who have won Ravi Subramaniam an extensive crowd of avid readers, as well as the distinction of being considered India's most successful financial thriller writer, the author is back with a new and very in-vogue financial page-turner: God is A Gamer.
"Vijay Banga, President of MasterCard International, was anxiously pacing up and down his third-floor office in the global headquarters located in Purchase, New York" With this sentence starts Subramaniam's new adventure.

If readers are expecting a mystery involving conventional banking, they are in for a surprise. God is a Gamer is the very first fiction book to be written about virtual currency, which is the talk of the block in contemporary financial circles.

God is a Gamer is set in the USA and India from beginning to end and tells us the story of Aditya Rao, who runs a small gaming business. His company's luck takes a turn when Varun, a genius cum drug-dealer joins the team. Characters multiply by the chapter and the story involves big businesses or organizations that feature in current newspapers such as Mastercard, Visa, Apple, the FBI or Wikileaks. When an explosion kills a prominent man in Washington D.C. and a minister in India dies in mysterious circumstances, investigators start probing into a dark world of illegal virtual banking.

Profusely peppered with relevant and deftly written dialogues using accessible language to help maintain the reader's interest in the plot, the book definitely piqued my curiosity to see what would be happening next. In that sense, God is a Gamer is equivalent to a fast-paced movie thriller. I personally never believed I would be seduced by a plot having to do with the banking sector. However, Subramaniam is extremely skilled at developing unexpected twists and turns moved by events, secrets and parts of the book used to effectively introduce what otherwise would seem complex banking concepts to us mere mortals.

Names are not what they seem. Reality and virtuality overlap. Money is suddenly the object of what one could undoubtedly call a carefree game for some of the protagonists. Despite the fact that God is a Gamer is definitely not a piece of elaborate literature, the story holds very solid entertainment value and is the type of book one is bound to have a difficult time putting down. Both the excitement and the opportunity to learn about a world that one might not be sufficiently familiar with constitute an impressive combo.

I would recommend this book to readers who are already a bit acquainted with the world of programming or computers, given that a good part of the story and dialogue holds references to these domains. It is for readers who enjoy high octane plots that also stimulate the neurons and make you learn something new. In all of these areas, Subramaniam scores quite high and will surely be successful in continuing to make his fan-base grow.

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Publisher: Penguin Books India
Price: Rs. 205/-

Genre: Thriller

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