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While urbanites headed to various places around town to celebrate Valentine's Day, we remain convinced that this weekend's very best event was taking place at Mumbai's Blue Frog.

Multi-talented Mathias Duplessy, who has the music of numerous films in India and abroad to his credit, together with mesmerizing singer Mukhtiyar Ali, took an audience of connoisseurs through a touching musical journey this last Sunday. The duo are otherwise known for the beautiful music of Homi Adjania's Finding Fanny soundtrack but obviously also nurture long and musically inventive careers - read our review of the Finding Fanny soundtrack here.

The crowd vibrated to the mix of leisurely, energetic or intricate musical pieces which married together styles exploring diverse musical traditions. Beauty was always around the corner, in each note or in the expectation of the next sound, pause or silence. A spiritual communion it became, whether the songs seemed to beseech the entire human race or whether they focused on a horse's galloping rhythm. One of the highlights of the event was listening to Mathias' overtone singing, a voice technique typical of Mongolia, where it is allegedly called sygyt.

Below is a video of a show by Duplessy and Ali to give our readers an idea of the event. The duo's album by the same name as the track featured below ("Jeena Jeena") is highly recommended, as is Mathias Duplessy's solo album, My Mongolia, available on Itunes.


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All Graduates | Spanish Translation Service said...

This was probably a great night! There's such an energy on stage that the crowd is just sitting down to watch and enjoy the show. Thanks for sharing, his music is indeed one of a kind, soothing, and energetic at the same time.

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