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SALMAN KHAN Sentenced to Jail

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It has been a long while but we're back to talk about the burning topic of the court's verdict on Salman Khan's hit-and-run case, in which Salman Khan, under the influence of alcohol, drove his car into a bakery injuring four people and killing one man.

The incident happened 13 years ago in 2002. Salman fans and other Bollywood aficionados have been reading about it since then, including several twists and turns, in particular what had been suspected to be false testimony by one of the famous actor's employees.

The Mumbai Court has sentenced Salman Khan to 5 years of imprisonment in Arthur Road jail. As we write, there are reports of a request for bail.

The case has been controversial not only because Khan has claimed that his driver, and not him, was behind the wheel at the moment of the accident. There have also been several irregularities, such as the fact that no fingerprints were taken after the accident to confirm who was driving the car at the moment or the fact that not all key witnesses were examined.

It has come as a surprise to most that Bollywood celebrities have been tweeting in full support of an actor who has been convicted by the court. Singer Abhijeet has been among the most cited, his quotes not being the most intelligent, socially conscious or classy. Others have been more serene and moderated in expressing their concern for the superstar, such as Hema Malini, Alia Bhatt or Varun Dhawan.

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