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BOMBAY MOVIE: Digital Release of a Film Making Journey

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The IFC Center in New York has held the theatrical premiere of Bombay Movie on April 15th and the film has simultaneously benefited from a digital launch across popular VOD platforms such as Itunes, Google Play, Amazon Instant Video, Playstation and Xbox Video through online distributor Filmbuff.

Alexandra Eaton's documentary follows Raja Menon, an independent filmmaker passionate about making a film in India's city of dreams: Bombay. Inspired by his watchman to produce a story about the working poor, he undertakes the making of the independent and acclaimed film Barah Aana (starring Naseeruddin Shah, Vijay Raaz and Arjun Mathur). Bombay Movie explores Menon's and his team's brave passion for film making against all odds. As the release of their film approaches, the challenge remains immense: How to convince someone who sees extreme hardship everyday pay the high price to see it fictionalized on screen in Barah Aana? Raja Menon toils to make a love letter to a city and its silent working class.

The film opens with a quintessential daily Bombay train carrying multitudes of workers to and from their jobs. Menon candidly ponders over his first steps in Bombay and film making, which progressively resulted in opening his eyes to a side of Bombay that is seldom represented in mainstream Indian cinema. Despite facing difficulties to obtain funds and investors for his screenplay, an entire team that understands and believes in his creative vision begins to take form.

A lovely background score takes us through pre-production, where sometimes noisy rural or urban spectators watch the shoots. We also meet Yadav, the original watchman who inspired Menon to create Barah Aana. In introducing us to him, Eaton gives us an insider's view not only into the work that goes into making a film happen, but also into the daily life of the characters that inspire the film, those who remain irreplaceable and at the same time invisible in the town's poshest areas.

While some pre-production challenges may appear daunting, Naseeruddin Shah's unapologetic interview expressing the necessity for more meaningful Indian cinema and detailing the risks independent film makers undertake in a commercialized industry, seems to be a premonition of a typical post-production process. Eaton's camera skillfully explores a film maker's hope and anxiety before the film's release. She accompanies Barah Aana's team members through praying, having arguments with theatre owners and facing competition or negative television reports post-release.

Through her lens, Alexandra Eaton presents a realistic and detailed view of the process of independent film making, but most importantly, she profoundly captures a film maker's inspiration and his responsibility, not only towards his team and viewers, but also towards the human beings that lie behind the characters he has created.

This weekend, do take advantage of Bombay Movie's release across digital platforms to enjoy a journey into independent film making, in true Bombay style.

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Director/Cinematographer: Alexandra Eaton

Producer: Vinay Singh
Executive Producer: Gill Holland 
Cast: Raja Menon, Giulia Achilli, Raj Yerasi, Naseeruddin Shah, Vijay Raaz, Arjun Mathur

Editor: Mark Becker
Composer/Sound Design: Ian Turner
Online Distributor: Filmbuff
Theatrical Partner: Argot Pictures

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