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Each year on the occasion of Republic Day, a selection of civilians are honored for their hard work and distinguished service in various industries. Cinema has received its prestigious Padma awards for 2014 through the following recipients, the first three I believe not requiring any introductions whatsoever:

Ms. Vidya Balan
Mr. Paresh Rawal
Mr. Kamal Haasan

Ms. Sabitri Chatterjee (Bengali actress spanning several decades of films. Well known for Anupama)
Mr. Santosh Sivan (cinematographer and filmmaker: Dil Se, Terrorist, Navarasa)
Ms. Supriya Devi (Bengali actress with decades of films, internationally appeared on The Namesake)
Ms. Sooni Taraporevala (better known for writing the screenplays of  Salaam Bombay! and The Namesake, also having directed Little Zizou)
Ms. Begum Parveen Sultana (classical singer: Pakeezah)
Mr. Ram Mohan (animation veteran, head of Graphiti studio in Bombay and better known in cinema for his animation sequence in Satyajit Ray's Shatranj ke Khiladi)

The Hindi Cinema Blog wishes to congratulate all awardees. Happy Republic Day!


Anonymous said...

GOOOOOOO Vidya!!! I love her performances!!! Brilliant that she recieved the Padma Award. Well done to all the other recipients too.

Hindi CinemaBlog said...

:-) Good to see you here, filmimajja!

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